Rail Transport

This page covers up rail transport in Sweden, and may also add upp Norway and Denmark in the future.. Maybe even other countries as well.

The topics covers up here are: Railways, Train types, Signaling and safety systems. It also cover up trams!

List of topics:


  • List of trains types running on the scandinavian countries.
  • Train signaling & ATC of Sweden
  • Train signaling & ATC in Norway
  • Train signaling & ATC in Denmark

Local systems

  • Stockholm Tunnelbana (Train types, Signalling & Safety systems)
  • Roslagsbanan (Train Types, Signaling & Safety systems)
  • Saltsjöbanan (Train types, Signaling)
  • Tvärbanan (Tram types, Signaling  & Safety systems)
  • Nockebybanan (Signaling)
  • Lidingöbanan (Tram types, Signaling & Safety systems)
  • Djurgårdslinjen & Spårväg City
  • Norrköpings Tramways
  • Göteborg Tramways

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