Elevator photagraphy is not a widely recognised hobby and therefore something special. In America I seen this subject is still growing, and also here in Europe we are growing in numbers as well. Many nice people are collecting facts about domestic elevator history as long as they film elevators. That also applies to me as well!

I live in Sweden, and of course, I film elevators in Stockholm. Therefore I wanted to know more about them. Today, I have been fameous for my hobby, and therefore I have came in contact with the industry. Finding out about comapnies building great elvators is a challenging thing sinće there is no central place they are published into, and Wikipedia have very little information about the topic.

So I have dig into the challange and are still collecting information about companies that existed in the past, and still exist.

If anyone is intrested, you are welcome to read about what I know about elevators in the articles below. you can also share them to your friends or sue them in your free projects. See more here

A brief history

Sweden´s first elevator was installed in a hotel in Norrmalmstorg. It was also Graham Brother´s First order and was ordered in the late 19´th century. It was build as a Westinghouse elevator under license, since Graham Brothers didn´t made elevators on their own at that time. I don´t know if the elevator still exist today in any shape or form. The oldest elevator I have been on so far is build in 1887 but SADLY has been modernsied a few years ago.

Organisations & Authority
  • Hissförbundet
  • Boverket
Inspection organisations

A yearly inspection is required by law and the building mananger is responsible for the elevator´s safety. In sweden, we have no institute who inspects elevators, instead, that is handed by private corporations

  • Dekra (Svenska Ångpanneföreningen)
  • Inspecta
  • Hissbesiktningar i Sverige AB
  • Det Norske Veriditas
  • SAQ Kontroll
Elevator manufacturer

This includes all brandings both inside & outside of sweden.

  • KONE
    • Motala Hissar AB
    • Södertälje Hissservice
    • Hissjouren Ekmans
      • Hissjouren Unilift
      • Ekmans Hiss AB
    • ASEA-Graham
      • Graham Brothers
      • ASEA
          • HVILANs Mekaniska Verkstad
          • Luth & Rosén
  • P&W Hiss & El AB
  • Trygga Hiss AB
  • Schindler
    • Schlieren
      • Mattsons Hiss AB
    • WPM Hisservice
    • DEVE
      • Skaraborgs Hisservice AB
      • ALT
        • Midroc Electro
  • KM Hiss
    • HF Advice
  • St Eriks Hiss AB
    • PH-Company
    • Storstadens Hiss
    • Stockholms Hissar AB > Stockholms Hiss-service AB
  • OTIS
    • Flohr Aufzüge
    • Magnussons Hiss AB
    • NelAB
  • ManKan Hiss AB
  • Motum
    • Hissgruppen AB
    • I.T.K AB
    • Uppsala Lyftservice
    • Vinga Hiss AB
    • Nordisk Hiss AB
    • HissCentralen
    • Hiss & Mekan
  • Cibes Group
    • Cibes Hiss
    • NTD
    • Kalea
      • Länets
    • Stannah Lifts ltd.
  • ThyssenKrupp
    • STAHL
    • Rheinstahl
    • Aricto
    • Kockums
    • Svenska Hiss AB
  • SMW Elevator AB
  • Sct Hissservice
  • RC Hisservice
  • Göteborgshissar
  • Värmlands El & Teknik
  • Svenska Tecnolift AB
    • Dala Hiss AB
  • Siemens
  • Bravida
    • BPA
  • Samisk Hissteknik
  • Inliftor
  • ElMek
  • Hissrenovering AB
  • JP Sandströms Hisskonsult AB
  • C-E Söderlund Hiss AB
  • Elektriska AB Lennström
  • Poijés & Wettermark
  • Hiss & Elteknik AB
  • Åkes
  • Uppsala Hiss AB
  • IGV
  • Nya Förenade Elektriska AB
  • LM Hiss
  • Hisskontakt
  • Hissbolaget
  • PG Hiss & Fastighet
Other corporations involved in the elevator industry

Theese includes companies that makes elevator components but do not install elevators on their own, and also including wholesaler, that sells components to the corporations that actually installs them. This only includes companies inside Sweden

  • Hissmekano
  • Abitech
  • P DAHL Elektronik & Data
  • Kinds Hisselektronik & Data
  • Hisstema
  • Hisselektronik
  • Hydroware
  • GMV Sweden

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