The mystery of DEVE Lifts…

The problematic thing with DEVE is that there is lack of information of this company´s past. I live In Sweden and DEVE is my fauvorite Company, however, Little is known about DEVEs past, since that haven´t been recorded in anything and the only way to know more is to ask people that ahve relations with the Company.

Now, I happen to know some former Swedish Schindler Employee, that also have a past in DEVE.

-Deve was founded in 1923 in Munka-Ljungby, Scania, Sweden.
-Deve did NOT make cars, but Car lifts for automobile shops. They were hydraulic-powered, and that technology was carried over to make hydraulic lifts, which was something new in Sweden! Therefore DEVE did never have any relation to companies over at America that previously made Hydraulic lifts!
-In 1952 DEVE Moved over to Alvesta, Scania, Sweden, and they made Elevators, rather than Automobile lifts for such workshops…
-In the 80´s, an employee at DEVE, decided to move over Australia. He started the Australian Branch of DEVE.

-DEVE was also active in the UK, and I heard they were active in another country far away, a country where no elevator photographer does not lives in… What country it is, is something I forgot.

-Reber-Schindler, Norway, VALMET, Geijer-Hissi, Finland, Hédinn, Iceland, they all built DEVE Elevators under license. MAybe Reber-Schindler had a kind of partnership with DEVE as well.

To find out more is what I am gonna do!