The concept of Elevator of the year…

Last year, 2013, I launched the elevator of the year Contest, were Youtube elevator filmers could challange each other by submitting their best elevators they found filming and uploading during the course of 2013. The Contest would be with 16 participants facing each other in a versus tournament mode (a 32 versus mode is also possible), and the one that got the most votes submitted by Youtube users won that match and Went ahead to the semifinals and so on…

The idéa was that this Contest would run once every year, starting on december, 1st. As Posttower were the one who won last year, he also asked me to host thsi year’s competition, and I agreed to that.

Every year, the Contest uses the versus torunament mode (8, 16 or 32 blocks) and the elevators challanges each other. The host is the one who decides the rules of how the elevators are present, and how they are challenging each other. The main concept is that the elevators is filmed that year, and that the users are allowed to vote on their favorite elevator (NOT the user who submitted them). Everything rest is basically up to the host how the rules are set up Before and during the competition.

For example: when I sorted out my elevator videos for the first round, I made sure that two elevators that matches up to each other as much as possible faces each other in the beginning, this year PostTower did the same. In the second round, I decided to rearrange the order, this time completly random, and then in the semifinals, I let all the 4 elevators face off altogether, and letting 2 with the most votes continuing to the final round, resetting the votes to zero, and the elevator with the most votes in the final round wins the Contest and is awarded the elevator of the year!

Moreover, there were a requirement that the elevator MUST be filmed AND publiched on the very same year the Contest is held on. Older recorded videos are not qualified for the Contest (human mistakes led to that I slipped one in). Also, the voting comments stayed hidden untill the match was over, as well as the elevators wasn’t showed untill they first faces off each other in respective match. Posttower did the same, exept that he doesn’t hide the voting comments of an actual match, being visible for anyone to see during the match. Otherwise, this year’s Contest are pretty much alike the one I held last year!

I am looking forward to see this year’s Winner, and do hope I win!

I will allways Corporate with next year’s host and help in every way. If this year’s Winner won’t host next year, I will try to find a solution, either a volunteer among the participants, or I just host it myself again!

Happy voting everyone, also merry cristmas and happy new year, from Sweden!


Watch last year’s ”Elevator of the year 2013” here!

Watch and vote on this year’s competition, hosted by PostTower!