My adventures the 19th of May 2014

Yesterday was such an awesome adventure that i ended up tired once I was home from the adventure!

This expoloring was also pretty much spontaneous… I just went home from work with Roslagsbanan, but once I arrived in Mörby, I decided. ”There´s alot of people in Tekniska Högskolan, let´s change here instead.” so I left the train, ordinary heading to Danderyd Sjukhus (Hospital) Subway station a 5-10 minutes walk from there.

Not a long walk more I saw soem office buildings along Vendevägen (Goes paralell with Roslagsbanan between Mörby and towards Näsby Park) and tought ”I have seen theese from the trains and I wanted to get over there. This is a great oppurtunity”. Said and done. The first building was Vendevägen 90. It have a set of four 1964 Traction elevators with doors with 3 circular windows. They were modernised by Hissjouren Ekmans and got nice glass innerdoors, so I could still see the marble walls between the floors. It also had a boring modernservice lift.

Next building was a little deeper in along the road, at Vendevägen 85. This office building contains of 4 OTIS LM Traction elevators, getting modernised with Gen2.

Then I walked along Mörbyleden and ended up at the wrong side of E18 in Mörby Centrum and tought ”Hey, there´s the office complex I see from the motorway, let´s check it out” and so I did. First building had a set of two 1976 elevators mdoernsied by OTIS in 2012, next had some BPA Elevators, 3 senic and one service lift. The senic ones was ahead of their time – in a bad way. They acted utmost generic and slow, like modern generics, but this was a 80/90s generics… that is wierd. The service lift on the other hand looked awesome, similar to an brittish/central europe 70´s lift. But all floors were locked off, exept the floor I was on.

Next building had a total of 4 KONE Traction elevators with M-series fixtures. Original with bumpers and pretty old-styled, like 60´s elevators… one elevator failed inspection so I skipped it.

Last but not least, a block of flats with hydraulic KONE M-series lift. Also the first lift failed inspeciton, but I filmed an elevator serving only 3 floors in total, the lowest one.

After that I called it a day, went to the nearest bus stop and took the bus to Danderyd Hospital, and filmed the remaining 3 elevators on the station I didn´t film last time… then I simply went home.