My Adventures Friday the 9th of May 2014

This is my first travelling blog post, and I Think I want to share you my experiences of today!

I´ve spent most of my day at home, working with a lift tour from Helsinki, wich was stalled in about half-a-year by now when my mom called and asked me to bring her laptop to Stockholm Central and hand it over, Before she goes off to Falun, in prepareations for a marriage occurring there in August. (Looking forward to that)

After saying good bye, I took the commuter train, Class X10 EMU and set sail towards Flemingsberg, after request from YouTube User Hissen12, to visit the stations elevators. I was afraid of the IGV-branded ones, so I didn´t film them this time. But I filmed a Ecodisc, one Incredibly slow hydraulic elevator next to it, and a DEVE, serving the commuter train platform. the DEVE elevator got thoose annoying new generic buttons that almost all SL elevators get, if they wont be replaced by SMW.

After filming 3 in a first round (out of 8), I headed upwards to Visättra, an estate area east of Flemingsberg station, and a area that has never been explored Before… up on the hill I found a area of 5 entrances… but i only filmed 4 elevator… 1 generic, 1 Scary generic with innerdoors, and 2 Epic KONE Plop-out elevators. I left the 5th one unknown, and i regret that!

Moving on… some other flats was tag-code protected, similar to my Place, and no way to get in. I eventually wet in on one and found Another generic modded elevator with innerdoors, and I didn´t bother to film it, thinking of how scary the last one really was…

So I Went on even further, and found Another estate with fully-accessable elevators. I filmed 3 of them, Original ASEA-Graham elevators from 1969. I was really fond of my find because theese are really special. Honestly I have never seen something similar to it. Imaging this, with this, and thoose White fixtures plopping out, and… well, you will figure it out yourself or keep askimg me to publish theese in the end. :p

Then in the last estate, I found more KONEs from -66, but modded by KONE with M-series fixtures in the late 90´s. Then that´s all for Visättra!

Heading back to Flemingsberg Railway station, I retaked some glass lift and filmed the 2nd DEVE to the commuter train platform. This serves 3 floors, and also got thoose new cab fixturs! That one was wired upp terribly, making the lowest floor and ticket hall floor NOT working when the elevator was on the top floor. Whatever pushing either 1 or 2 made the lift sinking down to 2. Only if the elevator stayed in one of theese floors, the other floor would work as normal, as the controllers simply disables the floor it is on. Floor 3 works as is should do. and I am impressed that the lights do work on this one, since the older fixtures didn´t have light acknowledging your call.

Later on, I headed to Huddinge Sjukhus (Huddinge Hospital) aka. ”Karolinska Sjukhuset i Huddinge”, just to do some unintresting stuff for a minute, then took the bus to Skärholmen on my way home… I took a look for the new SMW elevator there, but it seemed to have trouble and stopped randomly, scaring the sh*t out of me, again! so I didn´t bother to film it either… not this time!

So I headed home, Being back at Liljeholmen, I found out that the main 4 OTIS elevators @ Vårdshuset are under modernisation… Better keep an Eye for them, so I can collect some fixtures and indicators!

That´s it! My EPIC journey! Next time, I shall provide some pics for ya!

Yours truly! //ADDE