Journey 18th of may 2014

Last sunday was just terrible… I went from home at around 14.00. First I filmed soem elevators at Vårdshuset. Hisspartner is modernsising theese elevators. I just discovered they were OTIS all from beginning. I found it out by looking at the interlock, branding ”OTIS”. They must been Lexan in the beginning, now being Gen2, and next up, being completely generic! But they are pretty much fast as they allways has been! Great job there!

Next up I catched the first train that appeared at Liljeholmen and headed to Ropsten. On my way there, I just felt terrible and it was getting worse…But I held myy head high and filmed teh station´s elevators. The DEVE-Schindler elevator between the Subway platform and Lidingöbanan platform got new fixtures. But The two generic elevators the station had also got new callfixtures… one of them even got new floor indicators. even on the outside!

Now i was about gettign back. But I felt so ill so i coulnd help sitting still. I left Gärdet and headed to Siljaterminalen since I know they have public toilets for free of charge. Paying me a visit there gave me a BIG relief. Now I could safely heading back home to Liljeholmen!