In this page, you find a list of downloadable maps & Creations I’ve made or published with permission from other users. Most of the Worlds are puzzle maps or similar, but can contain of one or Another adventrue map. I have a pretty poor sence of architecture and won’t make any stunning Buildings on my own. However, I do have alot of knowledge of redstone and commands, and I am still Learning to create the greatest storytelling maps and levels with alot of challanges to come. so if it isn’t appealing to your Eye, it should at least be appealing to your brain!

Further below, I also have a list of my ”Super Minecraft maker” stages i made. Simply connect to ”mineca.de” server and enter SMM. Then you search by pressing T and write ”/level search <level name>”. Simply copy my level names below to play them.

Just have fun! 🙂

Minecraft Downloads

The Fallen Sand LogoThe Fallen Sand
Reach the button Before the sand falls below your feet in this racing adventure map.

”Super Minecraft Maker” stages

No_Image4ldz Dancing Maze
Made for Logdotzip. Go to the desired direction of what your block tells you.
No_Image4ldz The 5 Cubes
Solve puzzles and find the lever in the 5 cubes.
No_ImageEscape the house
Figure out a way to escape the house or disarm hte bomb Before it explodes! (W.I.P)


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