Here in the SummerADDEs Download Section, I am sharing most of my works for you to see. Most of the works are currently for Train Simulator 2016 but I also have Minecraft maps as well.

So far I have only released freeware stuff, but I apreciate a donation or even better, if you become a patreon, that would make me very happy!

In the Train Simulator section, you find repaints, soundpacks and complete routes that I made or published with permission from other users.

In the Minecraft section, you finns maps that I’ve made or published with permission from other users. You also find a list of my ”Super Minecraft Maker” stages aviable on the MINECA.DE server!

I also have some textures pack for a simulator called ”Skyscraper Simulator”, wich is an elevator simulator. This is an rather old pack I made long time ago when I was Active on the skyscrapersim Community!

Shop is W.I.P, still I have no paywares or similar aviable. some very big Project for either Train Simulator, Minecraft or any other games may be released as some sort of payware, and therefore be aviable in my shop for purchase and download.

Have fun! 🙂

Download Areas

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