SummerADDE Loves to create stuff

Elevators & Trains are really fun to do for me. I film elevators when I ride them up and down and I also film trains when I am riding them from Point A to B (and sometimes do Classic Trainspotting, as we say in Europe).

But Another thing I love is to Create stuff. Creating my own websties was something I did as a kid. (Nowdays I rely on WordPress to make significant web site publishing with breeze.), Another thing is to build routes for Train Simulators. I also Dreams to make animations, but are really Close to follow my dad’s footsteps – Music production. I have dreamt that for years!

Another thing were creativity Counts in are Video editing when it comes to the elevator & trains clips filmed. I am useing my own fantasy and the Tools aviable to make the best presentation showing an elevator in an intresting and Informative way.

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