Announcement: Changes of RailCarADDE CHannel and starting a new channel

Yesterday I uploaded this video on my RailCarADDE Channel (aka. ADDEs Transporting Adventrues) This is an announcement for what change that will be made in the near future!

In may 29th, my main channel, SummerADDE, is 5 years old… FIVE YEARS!!! But I have been on youtube longer than so…

7 years ago, i started a channel caleld ”Musikkungen”, the music king. Back then, i dreamed of making music of my own, just like my dad had done, and is still doing under the name of Hitman. This was never realised and the only thing I uploaded was an steam locomotive video.

The channel eventually closed, as I made a great sin that I regret today. This is somethign I want to forget. that ”Channel” only lived for almost a year, but was once again closed. I didn´t want to have multiple channels active since I was scared to be banned on youtube…

so this sinful channel was replaced by SummerADDE, wich was opened on may 29th of 2009. The idéa of making music of my own returned. However, it was also not realised. Here, soon after. i uploaded soem tramway videos. I got an interest of elevator filming in winter 2010 once I discovered Hissen12. but I didn´t film and upload clips untill Summer of 2010, when I actually met this guy for the first time! i wasn´t proud that i had an outdated iPhone as my only camera. This couln´t originally film, only with the help of an app I used.

Eventually, I realised ”SummerADDE” wasn´t a fitting name of my channel. This time I didn´t closed it down, but I ”moved” all my clips to a new channel: RailCarADDE, started in june 2011. I uploaded almost all videos I filmed in the past, but unfortunately, a few videos, especially some old ones, has disappeared.

This moveover was my first step of ”the next generation” project I launched back then. It would also feature a gaming channel, a Sci-Fi channel and a website. This is the result of my website, going live since November 2012. The Sci-Fi channel was however, scrapped. and Now I am about to make an end of this project!

Regarding RailCarADDE. some new intro signatures are introduced. Going from simple black to business white theme, some information will be moved over from the video description to the video itself. Also new interactive video features will be introduced in the video as well.

Then this gaming Channel! GamerADDE, ADDEs Gaming Adventures is about to launch. The channel exist and you can subscribe on it already. However, i wont use it untill it really is ready, in June! i hope you can bear with me and wait untill it is ready!

This will put the knot of the project next generation. SummerADDE, 5 years of youtube!

EDIT: The GamerADDE Channel is currently delayed untill further notice. I will let you know when it is ready! I am sorry, but I am a busy man right now.