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About me

Name: Andreas Ulvebring
Age: 19 years
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Political Views:

Religious Views:


What I feel important in life is to have funny in life. Freedom for fun and joy is very important for me to keep myself happy.

Also, Ignoring bullies is also an important step I have overcome. I simply ignore dumb and insulting comment and deletes them, and moves on!


Favorite Books:

Favorite Music:

  • Daft Punk
  • Eric Prydz
  • Avicii

Favorite TV series:

Favorite Japanese anime:

Favorite Movies:

  • Harry Potter-series
  • Hobbit
  • Fast & Furious 6
  • The Matrix series
  • The Batman series
  • Avengers

Favorite Video games:


Hello! My name is Andreas Ulvebring, I am born in August, 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden!

Many of you may know me for my interests of elevators! That´s right! I am the person behind ”ADDEs Transporting Adventures”.

My interests of elevators made me fameous on local media. (I am actually the 2nd elevator photagrapher interviewed in local media after Andrew Reams, the BIGGEST eelvator photagraphy from Viginia, USA) and thanks to that, alot of people in Stockholm has helped me to film so many elevators as possible, and to reach my goal: To film every single elevator in Stockholm City!
This may be a tough challange, there are thousands of elevators, in all different kinds, from the oldest 19th century elevators to this modern day efficient solutions, and everything covered in-between! as long as tehre is an elevator, I will, sooner or later, be there to documentate it!

Other interests: Trains, Computers, Videogames, Electric and technical interests in general, Japan, Animé, Pokémon, Sonic The Hedgehog & I am also a brony!

Well, I think that´s it so far.

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