Announcement: Changes of RailCarADDE CHannel and starting a new channel

Yesterday I uploaded this video on my RailCarADDE Channel (aka. ADDEs Transporting Adventrues) This is an announcement for what change that will be made in the near future!

In may 29th, my main channel, SummerADDE, is 5 years old… FIVE YEARS!!! But I have been on youtube longer than so…

7 years ago, i started a channel caleld ”Musikkungen”, the music king. Back then, i dreamed of making music of my own, just like my dad had done, and is still doing under the name of Hitman. This was never realised and the only thing I uploaded was an steam locomotive video.

The channel eventually closed, as I made a great sin that I regret today. This is somethign I want to forget. that ”Channel” only lived for almost a year, but was once again closed. I didn´t want to have multiple channels active since I was scared to be banned on youtube…

so this sinful channel was replaced by SummerADDE, wich was opened on may 29th of 2009. The idéa of making music of my own returned. However, it was also not realised. Here, soon after. i uploaded soem tramway videos. I got an interest of elevator filming in winter 2010 once I discovered Hissen12. but I didn´t film and upload clips untill Summer of 2010, when I actually met this guy for the first time! i wasn´t proud that i had an outdated iPhone as my only camera. This couln´t originally film, only with the help of an app I used.

Eventually, I realised ”SummerADDE” wasn´t a fitting name of my channel. This time I didn´t closed it down, but I ”moved” all my clips to a new channel: RailCarADDE, started in june 2011. I uploaded almost all videos I filmed in the past, but unfortunately, a few videos, especially some old ones, has disappeared.

This moveover was my first step of ”the next generation” project I launched back then. It would also feature a gaming channel, a Sci-Fi channel and a website. This is the result of my website, going live since November 2012. The Sci-Fi channel was however, scrapped. and Now I am about to make an end of this project!

Regarding RailCarADDE. some new intro signatures are introduced. Going from simple black to business white theme, some information will be moved over from the video description to the video itself. Also new interactive video features will be introduced in the video as well.

Then this gaming Channel! GamerADDE, ADDEs Gaming Adventures is about to launch. The channel exist and you can subscribe on it already. However, i wont use it untill it really is ready, in June! i hope you can bear with me and wait untill it is ready!

This will put the knot of the project next generation. SummerADDE, 5 years of youtube!

EDIT: The GamerADDE Channel is currently delayed untill further notice. I will let you know when it is ready! I am sorry, but I am a busy man right now.

Journey 18th of may 2014

Last sunday was just terrible… I went from home at around 14.00. First I filmed soem elevators at Vårdshuset. Hisspartner is modernsising theese elevators. I just discovered they were OTIS all from beginning. I found it out by looking at the interlock, branding ”OTIS”. They must been Lexan in the beginning, now being Gen2, and next up, being completely generic! But they are pretty much fast as they allways has been! Great job there!

Next up I catched the first train that appeared at Liljeholmen and headed to Ropsten. On my way there, I just felt terrible and it was getting worse…But I held myy head high and filmed teh station´s elevators. The DEVE-Schindler elevator between the Subway platform and Lidingöbanan platform got new fixtures. But The two generic elevators the station had also got new callfixtures… one of them even got new floor indicators. even on the outside!

Now i was about gettign back. But I felt so ill so i coulnd help sitting still. I left Gärdet and headed to Siljaterminalen since I know they have public toilets for free of charge. Paying me a visit there gave me a BIG relief. Now I could safely heading back home to Liljeholmen!

My adventures the 19th of May 2014

Yesterday was such an awesome adventure that i ended up tired once I was home from the adventure!

This expoloring was also pretty much spontaneous… I just went home from work with Roslagsbanan, but once I arrived in Mörby, I decided. ”There´s alot of people in Tekniska Högskolan, let´s change here instead.” so I left the train, ordinary heading to Danderyd Sjukhus (Hospital) Subway station a 5-10 minutes walk from there.

Not a long walk more I saw soem office buildings along Vendevägen (Goes paralell with Roslagsbanan between Mörby and towards Näsby Park) and tought ”I have seen theese from the trains and I wanted to get over there. This is a great oppurtunity”. Said and done. The first building was Vendevägen 90. It have a set of four 1964 Traction elevators with doors with 3 circular windows. They were modernised by Hissjouren Ekmans and got nice glass innerdoors, so I could still see the marble walls between the floors. It also had a boring modernservice lift.

Next building was a little deeper in along the road, at Vendevägen 85. This office building contains of 4 OTIS LM Traction elevators, getting modernised with Gen2.

Then I walked along Mörbyleden and ended up at the wrong side of E18 in Mörby Centrum and tought ”Hey, there´s the office complex I see from the motorway, let´s check it out” and so I did. First building had a set of two 1976 elevators mdoernsied by OTIS in 2012, next had some BPA Elevators, 3 senic and one service lift. The senic ones was ahead of their time – in a bad way. They acted utmost generic and slow, like modern generics, but this was a 80/90s generics… that is wierd. The service lift on the other hand looked awesome, similar to an brittish/central europe 70´s lift. But all floors were locked off, exept the floor I was on.

Next building had a total of 4 KONE Traction elevators with M-series fixtures. Original with bumpers and pretty old-styled, like 60´s elevators… one elevator failed inspection so I skipped it.

Last but not least, a block of flats with hydraulic KONE M-series lift. Also the first lift failed inspeciton, but I filmed an elevator serving only 3 floors in total, the lowest one.

After that I called it a day, went to the nearest bus stop and took the bus to Danderyd Hospital, and filmed the remaining 3 elevators on the station I didn´t film last time… then I simply went home.

My Adventures Tuesday the 13th of May 2014

Today, after work around 16.00, I took a long long walk from Hissmekano at Reprovägen, Täby, to Täby Centrum, with a Heavy axle bag, containing my training clotes, shoes and a filled water bottle. Täby Centrum became my first stop, where I ate what I found being a new favorite thing to eat: Frozen Yoghurt. It tastes like Ice Cream, but is much better. Altough, I may took too much this time…

After finnishing Eating this, The adventure really begun. I headed North of Täby Centrum and found one of many nursing homes Täby have. and then some modern block of flats. Disappointed as I was, I couln´t get in in any of them… I Went along Roslagsbanan, and crossed it at Tibble Trainstop, in order to get to the other side. I recently found Another industrial-like area similar to Reprovägen over there.

My first find here was an 1960´s office building. It was desserted, and only a very few offices were in operation, but closed when I Went. It had a lower part were it was much more activity at.

The high building had elevators. 1967 ASEA-Graham Traction elevators… Modernized w/o inner, but photocells. It also had a 1998 Platform lift. There was also a B staircase. I wasn´t really sure whenever I would take a closer look, or conclude that it might be a closed direct office entrance, but it was proven to me it really was a ”B” staircase. Inside here I found an Original ASEA-Graham from ´67. Simple, single lift, but with modern cab that looks exacly like the modded ones at the A staircase. The only difference here was that they kept the original fixtures… exept that the metal frame was branded as ”KONE”. This one was really slow, and even slower at levling… but fun to ride with…

At this Point, I was abit tired to walk with an Heavy bag… I Went to Roslags Näsby Junction Station on Roslagsbanan. passing by a building with an Ecodisc – without an valid inspection since 2 years ago. Täby Commune is appearently bad to make sure their elevators are safe…

I took the next train to city, Went off at Mörby Station, and headed to Danderyd Hospital for a small personal visit… thereafter I filmed 5 DEVE lifts at the nearby subway station with the same name. They all got new generic cab buttons. (Exept two, wich had been redesigned years ago) then I took the bus 506 to Solna Centrum. This time I filmed Another 70´s DEVE at Solna Centrum Tunnelbana station. This elevator didn´t just got new cab buttons, like everyone else, but also new call buttons. (The In Use light is missing). The cool thing is that it makes a jingle similar to this when the elevator appear. I wonder how they managed to wire up that thing…

4 hours of adventures finnishes off with the tram heading my way back home!

Tomorrow I have a ligher bag, so I should explore more at Roslags Näsby industrial area, and in Danderyd Commune, and later on look up at more places. See ya!

The mystery of DEVE Lifts…

The problematic thing with DEVE is that there is lack of information of this company´s past. I live In Sweden and DEVE is my fauvorite Company, however, Little is known about DEVEs past, since that haven´t been recorded in anything and the only way to know more is to ask people that ahve relations with the Company.

Now, I happen to know some former Swedish Schindler Employee, that also have a past in DEVE.

-Deve was founded in 1923 in Munka-Ljungby, Scania, Sweden.
-Deve did NOT make cars, but Car lifts for automobile shops. They were hydraulic-powered, and that technology was carried over to make hydraulic lifts, which was something new in Sweden! Therefore DEVE did never have any relation to companies over at America that previously made Hydraulic lifts!
-In 1952 DEVE Moved over to Alvesta, Scania, Sweden, and they made Elevators, rather than Automobile lifts for such workshops…
-In the 80´s, an employee at DEVE, decided to move over Australia. He started the Australian Branch of DEVE.

-DEVE was also active in the UK, and I heard they were active in another country far away, a country where no elevator photographer does not lives in… What country it is, is something I forgot.

-Reber-Schindler, Norway, VALMET, Geijer-Hissi, Finland, Hédinn, Iceland, they all built DEVE Elevators under license. MAybe Reber-Schindler had a kind of partnership with DEVE as well.

To find out more is what I am gonna do!

My Adventures Friday the 9th of May 2014

This is my first travelling blog post, and I Think I want to share you my experiences of today!

I´ve spent most of my day at home, working with a lift tour from Helsinki, wich was stalled in about half-a-year by now when my mom called and asked me to bring her laptop to Stockholm Central and hand it over, Before she goes off to Falun, in prepareations for a marriage occurring there in August. (Looking forward to that)

After saying good bye, I took the commuter train, Class X10 EMU and set sail towards Flemingsberg, after request from YouTube User Hissen12, to visit the stations elevators. I was afraid of the IGV-branded ones, so I didn´t film them this time. But I filmed a Ecodisc, one Incredibly slow hydraulic elevator next to it, and a DEVE, serving the commuter train platform. the DEVE elevator got thoose annoying new generic buttons that almost all SL elevators get, if they wont be replaced by SMW.

After filming 3 in a first round (out of 8), I headed upwards to Visättra, an estate area east of Flemingsberg station, and a area that has never been explored Before… up on the hill I found a area of 5 entrances… but i only filmed 4 elevator… 1 generic, 1 Scary generic with innerdoors, and 2 Epic KONE Plop-out elevators. I left the 5th one unknown, and i regret that!

Moving on… some other flats was tag-code protected, similar to my Place, and no way to get in. I eventually wet in on one and found Another generic modded elevator with innerdoors, and I didn´t bother to film it, thinking of how scary the last one really was…

So I Went on even further, and found Another estate with fully-accessable elevators. I filmed 3 of them, Original ASEA-Graham elevators from 1969. I was really fond of my find because theese are really special. Honestly I have never seen something similar to it. Imaging this, with this, and thoose White fixtures plopping out, and… well, you will figure it out yourself or keep askimg me to publish theese in the end. :p

Then in the last estate, I found more KONEs from -66, but modded by KONE with M-series fixtures in the late 90´s. Then that´s all for Visättra!

Heading back to Flemingsberg Railway station, I retaked some glass lift and filmed the 2nd DEVE to the commuter train platform. This serves 3 floors, and also got thoose new cab fixturs! That one was wired upp terribly, making the lowest floor and ticket hall floor NOT working when the elevator was on the top floor. Whatever pushing either 1 or 2 made the lift sinking down to 2. Only if the elevator stayed in one of theese floors, the other floor would work as normal, as the controllers simply disables the floor it is on. Floor 3 works as is should do. and I am impressed that the lights do work on this one, since the older fixtures didn´t have light acknowledging your call.

Later on, I headed to Huddinge Sjukhus (Huddinge Hospital) aka. ”Karolinska Sjukhuset i Huddinge”, just to do some unintresting stuff for a minute, then took the bus to Skärholmen on my way home… I took a look for the new SMW elevator there, but it seemed to have trouble and stopped randomly, scaring the sh*t out of me, again! so I didn´t bother to film it either… not this time!

So I headed home, Being back at Liljeholmen, I found out that the main 4 OTIS elevators @ Vårdshuset are under modernisation… Better keep an Eye for them, so I can collect some fixtures and indicators!

That´s it! My EPIC journey! Next time, I shall provide some pics for ya!

Yours truly! //ADDE